A brief look at how films and television handle “the internet”, based on the sample of titles we watched as part of the IMPRINTS project.

Cybergeddon – minus the internet

Just for fun: we wanted to see how Cybergeddon would look and feel without any visualisations of the internet as Chloe stops the virus.

 IMPRINTS Documentary

Means of Identification in popular culture: first in a series of YouTube videos

Following our analysis of identity management in popular culture we present the first episode in a series of summaries looking at how films and television programmes show past, present and future means of identification.

We questioned if these stories represent the future and reviewed what the public think about intrusive means of identification.

Premediating identity management in film and television

Presentation prepared for Science in Public 2013 (#sip13) at University of Nottingham, 23 July 2013.