What kinds of scenarios are available to the public to make sense of future developments in identity management? We searched and analysed how various sectors look upon the future: government, security, industry, health, pop culture, science fiction, art and design, high tech and gadgets.

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We found that in these sectors future scenarios for identity management show three forms of human interaction that will need identification or authentication.

  • between individuals (blue circle)
  • between individuals and organisations (grey circle)
  • and to give individuals access to their possessions  and or/spaces (‘objects’) (pink circle).

In addition, these scenarios present three different instruments to introduce  ourselves (identify) and prove who we are (authenticate)

  • Based on knowledge or memory (e.g. pincodes, passwords);
  • Based on tokens (e.g. passports, customercards, smart phones);
  • Based on body features (e.g. biometrics, implants).

The combination of interactions and instruments  produces nine mother scenarios, that together constitute a ‘field’ of representation and premediation. All nine of them have positive, optimistic and negative, pessimistic varieties.

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