As part of our research in to identity management technologies (IMTs), we wanted to look at which kinds of IMTs people currently use most often, how they use them, and what they think about various possible future developments.

We did not want to carry out a standard survey though, because there is much evidence to suggest that people are tired of answering surveys. In asking people about the future we wanted to create something much more interactive to evoke certain emotions and encourage participants to think creatively, so we looked for a more innovative way to approach the subject. Instead of asking a straightforward list of questions, we wanted to make participants feel part of various scenarios and situations, and the experts at Research Through Gaming created “T.E.S.S.A. Undercover Agents”  for us. As a T.E.S.S.A. special agent, participants must outwit the enemy Agent Nought and battle against the clock to save their identity. We’ve posted a video about the ResearchGame.