Proving Your Identity: The Passports of the Future

Last Tuesday 3rd of December Sandra Wilson, part of the IMPRINTS team based in Dundee, gave a very engaging lecture at the McManus Gallery in Dundee where she talked about how as more of our lives become digital, we use the internet increasingly for dealing with everything from applying for a driver’s license to shopping and social networking. She discussed new developments on digital identity and what the future seems to be holding for us.


At the end of the lecture the public had the opportunity to interact with several pieces of technology developed by the team, to ask questions relevant to the topic and to engage with the members of the project based at the University of Dundee. Some interesting questions discussed after the lecture were related to what seems to be the commercial driven products, services and technologies that are being developed around identity management; and how while they prove to be very convenient, are mainly focussed in encouraging the creation of new needs to increase shopping and benefit commercial sectors.


Policymaking and Internet law were also discussed, both from the academic and public perspectives. It was a very interesting and engaging evening where the public showed a lot of interest and had a chance to give their inputs about current and future practices and technologies of identity management.


Posted by Lilia Gomez Flores