Nudge Effects

Nudge effects

Nudging remains the buzz-word in UK policy circles. The LSE does a seminar on February 23, 2011 about nudging in the public sector. Designing for Nudge Effects: How behaviour management can ease public sector problems.

Initiatives across the public sector have highlighted that interventions such as fines and penalties have a limited effect in changing behaviours of citizens in areas such as health, recycling and liability payments. However experiments in attempting to ‘nudge’ citizens into changing behaviours seem to be showing more consistent results.

Dr Sunjai Gupta, Head of Public Health Strategy, Health Improvement and Protection Directorate
Katherine Kerswell from Kent County Council will look at how behavioural change techniques can be used by local authorities to influence local communities especially in a time of stretched budgets
Dr David Halpern from the Cabinet Office will act as a discussant for the session.
Dr Adam Oliver from the Social Policy Department at the LSE will Chair the event.

There is no charge for this event but please RSVP to Paul Rainford at