New Home Office Plans Threaten Privacy

The latest Home Office plans to monitor personal emails, phone calls and web-site use has been roundly criticised by civil liberties activists. The Equality and Human Rights Commission warned that proposals could break human rights laws. These proposals aim to give immediate access to authorities to obtain information on the telephone numbers called, the addresses emailed and the websites accessed by every person resident in the UK. This would include the monitoring of Blackberrys, instant messaging, texting, web-browsing Skype, Facebook and online-games.

David Cameron argued in The Daily Telegraph that “This sort of data … is absolutely vital in stopping serious crime and some of the most serious terrorist incidents that could kill people in our country.”

Phone companies and internet providers are warning that “the proposed system is so flawed it would send authorities on a wild goose chase, and expose innocent people to criminal investigation, hacking and fraud” according to Dominic Raab of the Telegraph.

Yet another example of techniques first aimed at criminals being extended to the public at large!

By Aletta Norval