An International Design hackJam(Competition) that invited people to alter-manipulate-reshape-shape the future of identity management.

Increasingly we have to provide evidence to verify that we are who we say we are, whether signing in for a class, shopping online or travelling internationally for example.  So what does the future of identity management look like – what kind of identity management experiences do you want to see?

We looked for universities, colleges, businesses, hackerspace groups and individuals to organise a hackJam to shape the future of identity management. Hacking is a cultural phenomenon that borrows, appropriates, re-evaluates and manipulates to alter everyday objects, experiences and rules. Jams are about groups of people coming together to use a design based approach to problem solving employing creativity and innovation to address specific challenges. These hackJams bring together the re-appropriation of existing identity management scenarios with the creativity and dynamism of jamming to generate fresh and innovative responses to future identity management practices. We think these hackJams are ideal for level 5 and postgraduate students exposing them to a live international research project and providing them with an opportunity to take part in the very real cultural phenomenon of hacking and jamming.

For universities/ colleges taking part we provided hackJam toolkits with all the materials you needed to bring a group of product, interactive, jewellery, textiles, interior designers, computer programmers, psychologists etc together to address a series of identity management challenges that needed to be solved within 48 hours.

Prizes included £1000 in cash for the team with the best design solution and for the winning University/College/Organisation an UP! 3D printer (or similar).

Images from some of the hackJams that have already taken place can be seen HERE