Final Report Published

IMPRINTS has published its final report, wrapping up all the research from the 8 projects about user expectations for new forms of identity management. The outcomes clearly show how only a radical rethinking of identity management as serving the needs of people instead of those of organisations will help the UK government overcome its usual failure to implement new identity schemes, like the ID card and currently the Care.Data programme of the NHS. Some bigger corporations are already transforming their identity schemes by making them more transparent and easier to control for their customers. However, the UK public distrust many of them to handle their data correctly, with the telecom and internet industries considered the least trustworthy. The final report does not mark the end of the project; the IMPRINTS team is still in the middle of disseminating its results to academic audiences, corporate and policy stakeholders. There are meetings with the global biometrics industry, the European, UK and Dutch governments and parliaments on the agenda. Throughout its three year run, IMPRINTS has received considerable interest for its message from designers, policy makers and academic researchers, both in the UK and abroad. The report contains an extensive list of media and stakeholder attention.

Download the final report

Written by Sharon Walker