Conference Panels

Human Computer Interaction Conference, Newcastle, 2011.

Panel: The good, the bad and the ugly: a multidisciplinary perspective on identity management.

Pam Briggs. Panellists: Aletta Norval, Liesbet van Zoonen, Sandra Wilson, July 8, 2011.

There is an important societal agenda in relation to identity management technologies, services and practices (IM-TSP), set against a background of civil liberties. Citizens regularly express concern about the amount of personal information that is held electronically.  There are, for instance, public anxieties around biometric identification, the introduction of strong border security initiatives and the risks of identity theft.  Such fears are typically heightened by media reactions to the loss of publicly held personal data records or terrorist threats. In contrast, there is a growing appetite for identity sharing through social networks, customer profiling and collaborative filtering and loyalty schemes.  In this panel, we look at identity management through different disciplinary lenses in order to explore what is good, bad or downright ugly in practice.