Identity On The Internet

Posted by: Elpida Prasopoulou An interesting case of identity cloning has been covered by the media today. A gang had created an entire internet-based enterprise for collecting information on wealthy individuals whose profiles were then used by ‘clients’...

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Reflections On A Birthday

Posted by: Liesbet van Zoonen My eldest son turned 18 yesterday. Evidently, this was an occasion to look back on his youth, and apart from all the personal and intimate memories we shared, it also occurred to me how many moments of ‘identity management’ he...

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Wearables For Identity Management

Posted by: Sharon Walker Tags: wearable technology In the first stage of our research we have found several Wearable Technologies that enable and support identity management.  These include ‘Ping Garment’ and SmartLife.  Details of these findings and...

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Battle For The Internet

Posted by: Elpida Prasopoulou Tags: internet, privacy, accountability Current debates on the right of governments to tap into ‘big data’ show that ICTs are reshaping traditional notions of privacy and civil liberties. The original ethos of the internet...

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Double Dutch Delusions

Posted by: Liesbet van Zoonen Ever since I came to Loughborough University in January 2009, I have been tempted by the idea that I could apply for British citizenship. While I commute from the Netherlands more or less on a bi-monthly basis, I also have a...

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CHI2012 Posted by: Lisa Thomas This week I’ve been at CHI2012 in Austin, Texas, and have had the chance to view a number of great talks and meet some very interesting people. I wanted to share some of my favourites here. ‘Pet Video Chat’: Monitoring and...

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Revenge of Brodie Clark

Posted by: Sharon Walker This week witnessed further long delays at passport control for passengers entering the UK through Heathrow airport. One such passenger described his experience as ‘diabolical’, and politicians lined up to express their dismay at...

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Avatar Artimetrics

Posted by: Sharon Walker New Scientist has recently published an article suggesting that as virtual crime is increasing, researchers are beginning to explore ways in which we can identify individuals from their online personas.  One company in the US is...

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